Manufacturing & Light Assembly

With a workforce of over 140 capable workers

and a modern 66,000 square foot facility,

Cottonwood Industries is ready to cover your

manufacturing and assembly  projects.



 Some of the many projects we've undertaken:

  • Textiles: In just over 10 years, Cottonwood has manufactured over 7 million cargo tie-down straps for the U.S. Department of Defense. Cottonwood's commercial sewing department is ISO quality compliant. Cottonwood also fulfills orders for this project.

  • Medical: Cottonwood produces drug cards for pharmacy schools, assembling and shrink wrapping the materials, placing them in binders, and shipping them to the schools. We also produce medical lab kits, placing vials, forms, gloves, and other needed items into secure medical test kits.

  • Kits: In addition to medical kits, Cottonwood has produced a variety of kits over the past three decades, including millions of product sample kits.

  • Rework: Repackaging, re-labeling, replacing items, labeling over incorrect information, bagging, updating, and similar services help companies save money and avoid waste.

  • Labeling: Cottonwood provides labeling of everything from hangers for the clothing industry to rubber hoses for the automotive industry and honey straws for grocery stores.

  • Scale and hand counting: The Cottonwood workforce performs both weight counting and hand counting operations along with bagging, insertion, banding, and boxing of counted items.

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